New tournaments

Advance notice

We want to start a new SoCU tournament at the beginning of 2024. It will be the 17th, continuing our traditional series of tournaments without the use of engines.

We are planning to start the 16th CCI Championship in March/April 2024. Registrations can already be sent to the two tournament directors Reinhard Wolfram (SoCU) and Frank Wittig (Championship).

But how do we bridge the time until the start of the two popular tournament forms? As we have just welcomed several new members to CCI, we recommend registering for one of our friendly tournaments so that new and old CCI members can get to know each other. With five participants per group, four games are played in each group. We believe that this type of tournament is the best way to get to know each other and other CCI friends. Of course, we also offer individual matches in the Cup and as friendly games. Please send registrations to Frank Wittig.