New tournaments announced

  1. The SoCu tournament no. 15 [chess without computer support] was started as planned on 1.3.2022. There are 25 registrations, some multiple, for five preliminary rounds.
  2. Already announced was the start of our 15th CCI CHAMPIONSHIP. To give opportunity for ‘last minute’ registrations, it will start on May 1. Please register your participation until April 15, 2022 with Frank Wittig!
  3. After two years, we plan to start the next Nostalgia Championship on September 1, 2022. It will be our third, so the tournament form can establish itself as a regular institution. In any case, the interest is there. Please send registrations for the 3rd CCI Nostalgia Championship to Reinhard Wolfram by 31.7.2022.  The tournament is explicitly also open for non-CCI members!