New Tournaments 2022

Announcement SoCu Tournament No. 15 [Chess without Computer Support].
The tradition of SoCu tournaments will be continued with tournament 15.
The tournament will be played as usual in one round according to the rules of CCI/FIDE.
The time limit is 40 days for 10 moves. Move submission by fax or mail.
Multiple entries are possible.
However, each participant can only qualify once for the final round.
1st and 2nd place of each group qualify for the final round.
Entries are to be sent directly to the tournament director Reinhard Wolfram.
Chess players who are not members of CCI can also register for this tournament.
Registration deadline: 31.01.2022, tournament start: 01.03.2022.

We want to start our 15th CCI CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP in the middle of April.
Please send your registrations until 31st March 2022 to Frank Wittig.

End of January 2022 we want to start the 6th Supercup with the CP5 winners of 2020 and 2021.
Please send your registrations to Frank Wittig.

With the tournament F001 email we want to start a friendship tournament,
in which the moves are sent only by email.
Depending on the interest we will play with five or seven participants,
the tournament is open for all skill levels.

Of course there are still the popular friendship tournaments A and B.
Please send your registration directly to Frank Wittig.