Obituary Immo-Frank Angermann

By Hans-Peter Toedter

In the last newsletter of June 2021 we unfortunately had to announce that our longtime friend Immo Angermann passed away on May 18.
I have known Immo personally for almost 30 years. Our meetings took place at several CiF and CCI meetings. He was very active at that time and also liked to travel to other chess friends. Only recently I learned that Immo had visited quite a few chess friends in the then still new German states shortly after the German reunification and had made many interesting contacts.

Chess and especially correspondence chess determined Immo’s life. At times he even organized his own FS tournaments. In the course of his correspondence chess time Immo played many games at BdF, CiF and CCI. In our case alone, it was the enormously high number of 874 finished games. There is probably hardly any of the old CCI members with whom he did not wrestle for the 64 squares on the board. His local chess club was the OSC 04 Rheinhausen. Besides chess Immo had other passions, like handball and soccer. ‘His’ soccer clubs were FCR Duisburg 01 (German Champion 2000) for women and Borussia M√∂nchengladbach and Borussia Dortmund for men. He especially enjoyed the regular weekly betting rounds.

Unfortunately, Immo’s health deteriorated increasingly over the course of the last year. He suffered from various ailments and was dependent on home care. Just in these months we had quite a number of telephone conversations in which he complained to be able to play his beloved correspondence chess less and less. His death hit me unexpectedly. I will never forget Immo and keep him in good memory.