Friendship tournaments

As of Aug 31, 2020 Two more tournaments have come to an end. Congratulations to the two winners Gerhard Wedel and Helmuth Metschan! For Helmuth, it is already the 5th Tournament win in the series of friendship tournaments. A great Read more..

SoCU Tournaments

As of: 08/21/2020 SoCu 10 (in memoriam Manu Vahtera) , Final round SoCu 11, Final Round SoCu 12 , Preliminary Rounds SoCu 13 , Preliminary Rounds  

Ongoing tournaments

Comparative competition CiF – CCI As of September 16, 2020 New results in the correspondence chess comparison CiF – CCI LV 170009A Judge – Benins 1 – 0 LV 170009B Benins – Judge 0.5 – 0, 5 LV 170013A Kucharkowski Read more..