2017 Board of Directors

Transcript for the conduct of the CCI – Board election 2017

As in 2013, the election of the Executive Board was made by letter.

In mid-July 2017, the ballot papers were sent to 66 ELIGIBLE CCI members by the Chairman of the Board of Management, Hans – Peter Tödter.Since no more foreign mail was received by 06.09.2017, I decided to end the election process.

I received 47 ballot papers (SZ).Valid were 45 SZ, 2 SZ were invalid.As a result, 71.2% of members have exercised their right to vote, a decrease of about 12% compared to 2013.

The evaluation of the ballot papers yielded the following result:

CCI – Friend's Approval Rejection Abstention Invalid

Spoonbill, Werner 40 = 85.1% 4 1 2

Müller, Siegfried 39 = 83.0% 4 2 2

Tödter, Hans-Peter 43 = 91.5% 0 2 2

Tungsten, Reinhard 42 = 89.4% 2 1 2

The election of the new Board of Directors was successfully completed by a large majority.The newly elected members of the Board of Management appoint the new Chairman from among their members and agree on the distribution of the Tasks of the Board of Management.Members must be informed immediately.

In addition, members must be asked to relieve the old board of directors.

The correctness of the above election result is hereby confirmed:

Neißemünde, 07.09.2017

Wilhelm Breite

Officer of the Board of Directors

for election evaluation