CCI Meeting 2019 in Bebra

Report of the 29th CCI meeting in Bebra at the beginning of September 2019 (W.Löffler)

Of the 16 participants registered, 6 had to cancel due to illness (Unger, Wassilieff, Breite). Thus Richters with Heinz Lamprecht, who had already arrived on Sundays, Tödters, Jedlitzkes, Dietmar Weser and Löfflers, finally had only 10 left. Anyone who thought it had reduced our fun could only wonder how much joy the days have given us!

This comfortable hotel is located just outside Bebra, but the area is in the middle of Germany! The fact that it was also a popular biker hotel did not bother us. Food and accommodation were very good!
Since besides a swimming pool, which was used intensively by some participants, there was also a bowling alley, we used it on Wednesdayevenings with great pleasure for more than 2 hours.

On Thursday we looked at the cities of Rotenburg (10 km north of Bebra) and Bad Hersfeld (20 km south of Bebra), in the evening there was a short general meeting. Heinz Hoßdorf had appeared surprisingly on the day (his wife is unfortunately also ill) and confirmed as an examiner the correctness of the cash register.

On Friday we were first in Eisenach. Werner Hilke had received us; for health reasons he did not dare to come to Bebra. In a one-hour tour, he showed us the sights of the city: market with church and restored, classic buildings; the well-known composer Johann Sebastian Bach also has a monument and a street name there, to name but a few.

Around noon we drove to Wartburg, the most famous and recognizable monument in the middle of Germany, where Martin Luther spent perhaps the most important time of his life. In 1521/22 he translated the Bible from Latin into German.

In the afternoon there was still time for a visit to the Burschenschafts memorial in Eisenach.

For Saturday we decided to take a short drive to Fulda, about 50 km away. This city is known for its cathedral and other baroque buildings. Coincidentally, we got into a colourful street festival in a side street.

On the final evening, our fun and popular craps game was again on the program as the main thing with a lot of entertainment value. Everyone had brought a small present.

After the first disappointment about the small number of participants, our frustration quickly disappeared, because we were a homogeneous and very understanding troupe.
There was no compulsion, everyone could and wanted to decide in the short term where the path led; after all, we came together again and again joyfully.

I can only recommend thinking about the next meeting to relax and enjoy the time on a few days in a more than comradely atmosphere in a different area than home.

Werner Löffler