New tournaments

The commemorative tournament Bebra started on 1.11. with 18 participants in three groups.

The Friendship Tournament 21B started on 1.11., and for 022B there are already enough registrations. Both tournaments run double round with five players each.

On the other hand, we are still waiting for two participants in the tournament 007A.

The final round of the SoCU 10 tournament (Manu-Vahtera Memorial Tournament) started on 15.11.2019 with six finalists. The participants were previously contacted by TL Reinhard Wolfram.

The final round of the 12th CCI Championship will start shortly, participants will be informed.

Almost traditionally at the beginning of a new year, here is the announcement of the next SoCU tournament:

Tournament call SoCu-Tournament No. 13

[Schach ohne Computer-Unterst├╝tzung]Dear Chess Friend,
the tradition of the SoCu tournaments is to be continued with Tournament 13. .
As always, the tournament will be conducted in one round according to the rules of CCI/FIDE. The time to consider is 40 days for 10 trains. Train delivery by fax or post.
Multiple messages are possible. However, each participant can only qualify once for the final round.
Places 1 and 2 of each group qualify for the final round.
Notifications are sent directly to the tournament manager.
Chess players who are not members of the CCI can also register for this tournament. So please do not want to advertise!
Registration deadline: 31.01.2020
Tournament start: 01.03.2020

Tournament Leader: Reinhard Wolfram