Welcome to CCI's correspondence chess

CCI is a correspondence chess club that has been in existence for almost 35 years. The hour of birth struck on 29 May.He was a friend of the correspondence in Magdeburg, 18 August 1986. What were the motives for the emergence of CCI? The founding fathers wanted to create a club that offered their members not only the playing of games, i.e. the pure exchange of trains, but they wanted to appeal to correspondence chess friends who were also interested in personal contacts across national borders. It must be borne in mind that there was no Internet at the time. The post office was therefore the only way to exchange ideas with like-minded people.

In the years after its foundation, the new club underwent a remarkable development. More than 220 correspondence chess friends from many countries have been members of CCI so far, at the moment there are 66. Unfortunately, we cannot escape the general trend that younger chess fans in particular live out their correspondence chess activities mainly on Internet servers.

From the very beginning, we have endeavoured to organize annual meetings. They have become a tradition. We maintain a very friendly, almost family relationship with each other, because family members, some of them also friends, often take part in the meetings. In this way, a number of friendships have developed beyond chess. The last annual meeting took place in September 2019 in Bebra (Hessen). In 2020, the meeting has been cancelled due to the Corona pandemic, but we are planning a meeting in 2021 from 25 to 30.He was in Leipzig, Germany.

CCI offers its members a wide range of opportunities to play: in addition to friend games (each 2 games with a partner), friendly tournaments (4 games in groups of 5) there is a cup competition in five rounds. The winners of the 5th ROUND will receive a certificate as well as an invitation to a double-round Supercup tournament. Of course, we also play club championships, as well as commemorative tournaments for the annual meetings.

Our SoCU tournaments (chess without computer support) are enjoying increasing popularity. In autumn 2018, we launched a nostalgia championship for the first time, in which non-CCI members can also participate. The 2ndTournament starts on 3.9.2020 with 22 participants. By nostalgia championships we mean correspondence chess as in earlier times, i.e. without computers, chess programs and the Internet. Despite or precisely because of the increasing Internet presence, there seems to be an increasing need for the traditional way of playing in correspondence chess, and CCI offers opportunities for this with SoCU and nostalgia.

CCI works together with the 'Zeitung für Freunde des Fernschachs', which is published every three months under the direction of Alfred Stummerer (Vienna) and offers a wide range of articles on correspondence chess.

The CCI Board of Directors regularly prepares a circular at the end of each quarter and sends it to all members by email or post. In addition to up-to-date information from the club, these newsletters contain the stands of current tournaments, a rating list, a game analysis and other interesting things. THE CCI membership costs 15 € per year, with the first year being free of contributions. If you recruit a new member for CCI, you will not pay a contribution for one year.