From Newsletter No.40

Dear chess friends!

The 40thThe issue of the CCI Circular is something of a small anniversary, as it is based on 10 years of up-to-date information and communications from the Board of Directors for all CCI members. Admittedly, we are a bit proud of continuity and reliability. Of course, this should continue to be the case in the future. Perhaps one or the other can be improved. This applies not only to the circular and its design, but also to CCI as a whole. Where should the association develop? What could a future correspondence chess life in and with CCI look like? Is the tournament offer sufficient? What may be the reason why about one third of all CCI members play no or very few games?

To get insightful statements from members on all these questions, you will find a questionnaire on 12 topics in the appendix of this anniversary edition. We kindly ask you to fill in the sheet with suggestions and comments and send it to Hans-Peter Tödter (if there is not enough space on the questionnaire, please use the back). The opinion of the CCI members is very important to the Board of Directors. That is why we are asking for a large number of participation!

We were very optimistic at the end of March that a CCI meeting could be possible in 2020. But then we had to learn that Corona draws much larger circles than we had guessed. In the meantime, life is, fortunately, returning to normal. However, we do not think it appropriate to organise a meeting this year and we are not saying it.

But there is a very good chance of a CCI meeting in 2021! Frank Wittig proposes to host the meeting from 25 to 30 May 2021 in Leipzig. Frank has contacted several hotels and sought offers. If you are interested in participating, please contact Frank immediately so that he can estimate the need for rooms as early as possible.

Leipzig has a lot of attractions to offer, which are very easy to reach by public transport. As an old-established Leipziger, Peter Schulze will tell us about the places that are particularly worth seeing and show us.

We wish you and your loved ones that you all stay healthy! And of course a nice summer with relaxing holidays!